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The qualified provider of event management services behind some of Canada's most impactful and successful events.

Federal Government Supply arranement

Government Events 

Naut'sa mawt Event Management has been managing events on behalf of the Federal government for over 20 years. We are honoured to have been the event management team behind some of Canada's best-known national and provincial conferences, engagement sessions,  and events. As a subsidiary of the Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council, we have deep roots embedded in Indigenous culture and protocol and are mindful of our cultural values and respectful of cultural practices.

We have established a strong relationship with the Federal Government of Canada based upon a commitment to successfully execute contracts, meet deliverables, and satisfy objectives. We have conducted 350 projects for over 35 different departments and agencies of the Canadian Federal Government throughout all regions of Canada.  We are experienced at meeting RFP requirements, exceeding expectations, and adapting to accommodate special requirements.

As a qualified Indigenous provider of event management services we provide a full suite of customized services including:

  • Meeting your PSAB quota by procuring event management services from NmTC under SA EN578-17158/013/CX.

  • Language and translation services: We manage English, French, and bilingual events, provide note-taking, simultaneous translation,  and sourcing of Indigenous interpreters/translators.

  • Flexible financial and cash management solutions:  We offer full cash-flow management including distribution to remote locations, invoicing for expenses at the time of completion, and cash management services. 

  • Virtual solutions: We have rapidly adjusted to the pandemic environment and we have successfully delivered virtual events to major government clients.  Please contact us for details and references.

  • Complete turnkey solutions:  Please let us know your event management needs and we will deliver a solution within budget and on time.

We simplify the events management process for government departments and agencies.  Let us meet your operational goals and objectives by consulting with you on the logistics, communications, consulting and implementation requirements.

For more details on our Federal Supply Arrangement please contact:

Kelly Landry at or call 604-943-6712.

Highlighted Project: 

Consultations in Respect of Implementing the Indigenous Languages Act


Project Scope:

Naut'sa mawt Event Management was engaged by Canadian Heritage (PCH) to obtain meaningful Indigenous input for the implementation of Canada's Indigenous Languages Act that became law June 21, 2019. We provided facilitation, logistical, and operational support to ensure successful national consultations with respect to the implementation of the Indigenous Languages Act.  Tasks, activities and deliverables included invitations and scheduling, facilitation, audio recordings, technical and logistical support, summary reports after each consultation session and a final report.

Project Outcomes:


27 virtual consultations took place.  The project was a success. It provided ongoing input to the Federal Government throughout the process; allowed for meaningful, informed and well thought-out oral and written input by the Indigenous participants; and concluded with a professional and useful final report to assist in implementing the Indigenous Languages Act, which includes the establishment of an Indigenous Languages National Office. These consultation sessions helped the Minister of Canadian Heritage make recommendations to the Governor in Council for the appointment of a Commissioner and up to three Directors.  Feedback from these sessions also informed the development of the Indigenous Languages Funding Model.

Highlighted Project: 

Shared Territories and Overlaps Forum


Project Scope:

The Shared Territories/Overlap Forum provides for a solutions-oriented, strategic dialogue on shared territories and overlaps as mandated by resolutions passed by the Chiefs at each of the First Nations Summit, Union of BC Indian Chiefs, and BC Assembly of First Nations assemblies., Naut'sa mawt Event Management was engaged to manage logistics and operations of this event. 

Project Outcomes:


This event was scheduled to occur from March  11 to 13, 2020.  Leading up to the event, the Covid-19 situation was carefully monitored and discussed. As the event date neared and new information surfaced, last minute adjustments were required.  Naut'sa mawt Event Management worked closely with the client to adapt to this unprecedented situation, from adjusting food and beverage service to reduce touch points to minimizing the financial impact of the pandemic on the budget. The day before the event began, a live feed was provided and all links and delegate materials were posted to the Naut'sa mawt Event Management Shared Territories webpage, enabling participants to attend virtually. The final day of the in-person event was canceled when Provincial restrictions were mandated.

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We have been successfully providing high-quality event management services nationwide for over two decades, delivering engaging events and facilitating meaningful conversations that have a lasting impact on our clients and attendees.

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