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Federal Government Supply Arrangement

Naut'sa mawt Event Management has been managing events on behalf of the Federal government for over 20 years. We are honoured to have been the event management team behind some of Canada's best-known national and provincial conferences, engagement sessions,  and events. As a subsidiary of the Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council, we have deep roots embedded in Indigenous culture and protocol and are mindful of our cultural values and respectful of cultural practices.

We have established a strong relationship with the Federal Government of Canada based upon a commitment to successfully execute contracts, meet deliverables, and satisfy objectives. We have conducted 350 projects for over 35 different departments and agencies of the Canadian Federal Government throughout all regions of Canada.  We are experienced at meeting RFP requirements, exceeding expectations, and adapting to accommodate special requirements.

As a qualified Indigenous provider of event management services we provide a full suite of customized services including :

  • Meeting your PSAB quota by procuring event management services from NmTC under SA EN578-17158/013/CX.

  • No RFP requirement for budgets up to $250,000.

  • Language and translation services: We manage English, French & Bilingual events, provide note-taking, simultaneous translation,  and sourcing of Indigenous interpreters/translators.

  • Flexible financial and cash management solutions:  We offer full cash flow management including distribution to remote locations, invoicing for expenses at the time of completion, and cash management services. 

  • Virtual solutions: We have rapidly adjusted to the pandemic environment and we have successfully delivered virtual events to major government clients.  Please contact us for details and references.

  • Complete turnkey solutions:  Please let us know your event management needs and we will deliver a solution within budget and on time.

  • Security Clearances: NmTC Events team has been approved to work on events that are subject to government security clearances

We simplify the events management process for government departments and agencies.  Let us meet your operational goals and objectives by consulting with you on the logistics, communications, consulting and implementation requirements.

Highlighted Services

General Pre-Event Planning
  • Establishing and/or clarifying event objectives and designing program content and formats;

  • Working with organizing groups and individuals to determine the purpose, parameters, policies and procedures for events;

  • Evaluating the impact of events on the image and success of the client organization holding the events;

  • Preparing and/or executing a plan which meets the defined needs and culture of the organization holding events;

  • Making or assisting in making key decisions related to event design, objectives and content, negotiations, personnel, accommodations, travel, and transportation and contingencies; and

  • Researching and negotiating for subcontracted partnership and official supplier arrangements.

Specific Pre-Event Planning
  • Establishing and coordinating marketing and promotions;

  • Recruiting event participants;

  • Establishing and coordinating registration procedures;

  • Assisting the client with program and session planning, including formatting, timelines and agenda preparation;

  • Arranging for the production, printing, and distribution of related material, before, during and after the event;

  • Collating and distributing conference kits;

  • Preparing name or identification badges, or protocols;

  • Handling and planning for sensitive event topics or issues;

  • Developing or reproducing logos, letterheads and signage;

  • Developing floor plans and assigning exhibit space (both paid and unpaid);

  • Obtaining and negotiating for sub contracted services which will be required in order to execute events; and

  • Providing advice and managing protocol for civilian, distinguished leaders or military dignitaries at the local, national or international level.

Virtual Solutions
  • We can help you organize meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or a specialized virtual platform.  We got you covered and will provide a complete virtual event management solution to help you exceed your goals;

  • Managing technical requirements and Audio-visual coordination;

  • Selecting and negotiating virtual platform;

  • Onboarding and training speakers, exhibitors and attendees on virtual platform use;

  • Organizing virtual exhibit hall and networking opportunities; and

  • Preparing mitigation plans for identified risks.

  • Block booking rooms on behalf of the Project Authority at appropriate venues;

  • Providing information and instructions to delegates on the use and cost of the venue services;

  • Providing information on accessing currency exchange services;

  • Providing / sub-contracting interpreters as required; and

  • Coordinating final room lists with venues.

Venue and Related Services
  • Researching and coordinating the rental or use of venue space for the event;

  • Conducting space planning, layouts and staging;

  • Making provisions for facilitators/speakers;

  • Arranging for note takers or for recording of the event;

  • Arranging for the provision of simultaneous interpretation and/or on-site translation;

  • Arranging and sub-contracting for on-site security during and after hours;

  • Coordinating tourist programming or entertainment programs if required;

  • Coordination for venue audiovisual and recording requirements;

  • Provision and coordination of venue accoutrements (podiums, decorations, banners, tables, chairs, tents, etc.); and

  • Arranging and providing for support services such as a Business Service Centre (with fax, printer, monitor, internet capability, etc.).

On-site Event Coordination Services
  • Maintaining logistical control of events in normal and emergency circumstances ;

  • Coordinating registration procedures (both paper-based and automated environments) as well as collecting registration fees if required;

  • Hiring, training, and leading volunteers or personnel;

  • Briefing, directing and assisting the Client on-site;

  • Overseeing exhibits and booth setup;

  • Overseeing hospitality, food and beverage; and

  • Coordinating artists/speakers/presenters/facilitators, note-takers, simultaneous interpreters and translators, security staff, audio-visual staff, photographer/videographer (all on-site staffing).

  • Researching and coordinating commercial or chartered transportation including group check-ins and boarding assistance;

  • Researching and coordinating ground transportation as required (for example, rental cars, vans, buses, trains, shuttles, taxis, etc.);

  • Arranging for transportation or shipping of event material developed in Canada;

  • Providing information on security requirements and procedures at commercial transportation facilities; and

  • Researching and coordinating accommodations, hospitality and hosting or tourist activities.

Contractor Travel
  • Travelling with or without the client on reconnaissance and advance trips to event locations;

  • Travelling to the event location to provide on-site services during the event; and

  • Travelling to the client’s location for planning meetings and progress briefing sessions.

Financial Management
  • Monitoring the financial objectives and subcontracts of an event;

  • Following Appendices of the National Joint Council Travel Directive; and

  • Billing procedures, reviewing bills from subcontractors, and ensuring payments for expenses that were subcontracted.

Risk Management
  • Providing a detailed risk management plan during the early planning stages of the event,

  • overseeing and modifying the plan as necessary during events, and updating the plan as required throughout the duration of the project; and

  • Implementing the plan and overseeing the implementation of the plan in the case of an unforeseen emergency to its resolution.

Reporting and Debriefing

Follow up with subcontracted suppliers for all billing, services, adjustments and final payments, etc

Audit, Follow up and Reporting
  • Interm progress reports

  • Debriefing sessions

  • Manage and process expense claims 

  • Event audit and required reports

  • Experience analysis

  • Distribute post-event materials and resources 

  • Send thank-you notes to speakers and guests

We have a 20-year history of working with government departments and agencies committed to increasing engagements with Indigenous organizations, communities, and individuals. 

Supply Arrangement EN578-17158/013/CX is now your one-stop solution for hiring a proven Indigenous event management firm to handle your department’s event management needs.

For assistance, please contact: 

Manoj Sood

Director of Own-Source Revenue

Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council 

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Email: manojs@nautsamawt.com




About Naut'sa mawt Event Management

Naut'sa mawt Event Management is a 100% Indigenous-owned integrated team of specialized project managers, consultants,  event planners, and marketing professionals that deliver event management experiences that have a lasting, positive impact on Indigenous communities and peoples. With extensive experience across industries, technologies, and Nations, we bring insight and fresh perspective to your biggest challenges. As a subsidiary of the Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council, we have deep roots embedded in Indigenous culture and protocol and are mindful of our cultural values and respectful of cultural practices.

Our flexible approach. 

 From concept to execution, we can help you as little or as much as you like. 


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Naut'sa mawt Event Management is a subsidiary of Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council, who has been working with governments, organizations, businesses and Indigenous communities across Canada for over 30 years. 

Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council (NmTC) is a non-profit society established in 1983 that supports its member nations in realizing their efforts towards self-reliance, self-governance, connection to culture, and quality of life now and for future generations.


NmTC generates own-source revenues through its activities, and the activities of Naut'sa mawt Resources Group (NRG) by providing products and services to private and public sectors across Canada. Revenues enable NmTC to expand  resources available to member Nations and support Indigenous communities throughout Canada.

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