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Our facilitators will help you maximize engagement and create memorable participant experiences

Facilitation and Consulting Services

Canada's journey to engage in Reconciliation and move towards greater recognition of Indigenous title and rights requires the inclusion of Indigenous peoples in policy development, consultations, economic development, community planning and other National issues.   

As an Indigenous-owned organization with deep roots embedded in Indigenous culture and protocol, our team has been facilitating meaningful conversations and leading discussions on issues impacting Indigenous communities and peoples for over 20 years. 

Our team of consultants, facilitators, and partners - both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, specialize in a variety of subject matters, including:

  • policy development

  • emergency management

  • environment

  • climate change

  • community planning

  • economic development

  • governance

  • technical services

  • generational trauma 

  • and other specialized areas. 


Our facilitators will work alongside our Event team to provide the quality event service you require to meet your goals, including:

  • overseeing breakout moderators and assisting in formulating questions for discussion; 

  • administering surveys to help develop a focus for upcoming meetings;

  • developing criteria for the selection of focus group participants;

  • supporting requirements for bilingual facilitation and translation; 

  • chairing internal meetings and focus groups to review and receive feedback of draft documents for larger meetings; and

  • preparing a written report of recommendations/analysis and interim and final reports,


Our facilitators are mindful in their facilitation style to contribute to a culturally safe meeting that is respectful of Indigenous values and past trauma.  We are also able to support sensitive meetings with grounding sessions with a trauma counsellor. 

Highlighted Project: 

Privacy Act Reform Initiative


Project Scope:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) engaged  Naut'sa mawt Event Management to manage and facilitate a series of participant engagements on the reform of the Privacy Act. These consultations had three objectives: to increase awareness among Canadians of how their privacy rights are protected under the current legislation; to inform the public of ways in which technology and society have rendered parts of the legislation out of date; to obtain the views of Canadians and stakeholders on what the priorities for reform should be via a two-way active dialogue.

Project Outcomes:


Over a three-month period, engagements were structured to solicit comments from individuals and select stakeholders through multi-channel public consultations. This included on-line surveys, regional focus groups, and individual interviews with key stakeholders. 900 participants were engaged, increasing the relevance of the Minister’s review efforts. A final report was produced within a month of the event containing a review of expenses, a high level summary of the events, and recommendations for future events. ​

Highlighted Project: 

Tripartite Session on the Recognition and Reconciliation of Rights Policy for Treaty Negotiations in BC


Project Scope:

The objective of the session, co-hosted by Canada, BC and First Nations Summit, was to come together to share experiences and lessons learned as they continue to collaboratively implement the Recognition and Reconciliation of Rights Policy for Treaty Negotiations in BC. 

Facilitation was an important component of the Session.  NmTC used both Zoom Webinars and Meetings to organize the event.  Day 1 had a Moderated Q&A period with Senior Officials where attendees were able to ask questions and upvote other popular questions.  Day 2 and 3 provided opportunities for dialogue on crucial subject areas. In addition to facilitation, we provided full event planning services including technical, logistical, notetaking and registration.

Project Outcomes:


3 consecutive half-day virtual sessions took place with over 200 attendees.  These sessions provided an opportunity for federal, provincial and First Nation negotiators and others involved in the BC treaty negotiations framework to come together to ensure a common understanding of how the Policy enables rights recognition, reconciliation and the co-development of mandates, and to share experiences regarding implementation of the Policy in negotiations which nations may wish to consider applying directly at their respective treaty tables.

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We have been successfully providing high-quality event management services nationwide for over two decades, delivering engaging events and facilitating meaningful conversations that have a lasting impact on our clients and attendees.

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