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Our in-house communications team will work closely with you to develop customized branding, marketing and communication packages.

Graphic design, communication, and print services

Naut'sa mawt Event Management is one of the only event management companies in Canada offering in-house printing, graphic design, and communication services.

Our communications team will work closely with you to develop customized branding, marketing, and communication packages. Services include:


  •  Unique Logos/wordmark

  • A custom event website with hosting and domain management, registration system, agenda, and regularly updated attendee resources.

  • Professionally designed and printed communication materials including invitations, flyers, participant packages, and programs.

  • Professionally designed digital communication materials including emails, social media posts, surveys, digital backgrounds, invitations, and marketing tools

  • Final report design, printing, and digital publishing

  • Toolkit design, printing, and digital publishing

  • Translation services

  • Customised marketing materials

  • Promotional products and swag

  • Designed and printed backdrops, banners, wayfinding signage

NmTC's Director of Communications works closely with our Event Management team. We have developed websites and web pages for some of Canada's most significant events, designed and published final reports, conducted national surveys and provided customized communication solutions to meet the specialized needs of our clients.

Our full-service printing company, Indigenous Printing and Office Solutions, provides printing services across Canada through our partnership with Staples. In addition to meeting your event printing needs, we can also provide a wide range of promotional products and printed apparel. We have provided printing services to various government departments, from business cards to national reports.

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We have been successfully providing high-quality event management services nationwide for over two decades, delivering engaging events and facilitating meaningful conversations that have a lasting impact on our clients and attendees.

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