November 2019 – February 2020
Services Requested:

The BC Our Gathering 2020 was held during the month of January and was sponsored by the Leadership Council (Assembly of First Nations, BC Union of Indian Chiefs and the Summit) and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC). 

Event Objectives: 

The goal was to support dialogue between British Columbia First Nations, Indigenous Services Canada and other government organizations by providing a venue for discussions on emerging issues, relationship building, reconciliation, and for the sharing of information and opportunities. It is one of the highest profiles and most important such meetings held each year.

Project Requirements:
Project Deliverables:

The main tasks were to:

  • Review and prepare a detailed description, budget, and work plan in consultation with ISC BC Region, for services related to  advertising, registrations with a registration system that can be shared regularly with ISC, hotel services including audio-visual, travel services (i.e., assistance to participants with travel related questions as opposed to booking travel), communication, cultural presentations,      moderator/facilitator, and conference materials.

  • Develop and implement a work, communications, and logistics plan according to budget.

  • Meet regularly with ISC to review our progress on the services listed above, provide communications and input on presenters and agenda development and regular updates on registrations, meetings  beginning monthly, then progressing to twice per month and then weekly closer to the event.

  • Negotiate details with the hotel for contractual details, in consultation with ISC, establish a contract with the hotel for the event, and action and liaise where necessary between the hotel and  catering and ISC until the event and beyond to complete arrangements.

  • Provide strategic advice in the design of an on-line survey to seek input from BC First Nations leadership on the agenda of Our Gathering, implement and analyze the survey.

  • Plan to engage the moderator, and any other additional services as necessary for the event.

  • Produce a final report within a month of the event reflecting hotel and other key expenses, a high-level summary of the event and recommendations for future events.



Our Gathering 2020