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Indigenous Green Economy Conference


Naut'sa mawt Resources Group

Date of Event:

March 2019

Type of Event:

In Person

Event Description:

The Indigenous Green Economy Conference facilitated the sharing of knowledge and new technologies, to empower First Nations to confidently pursue viable opportunities in the emerging green marketplace, with a focus on nation building and economic development.

Project Scope:

Naut'sa mawt Event Management managed all aspects of the Indigenous Green Economy Conference, bringing together First Nations, Federal and Provincial Government representatives, and knowledgeable green industry leaders to build capacity, discuss climate change initiatives, and explore practical Indigenous opportunities in alternative energy and green economics.

Project Outcomes: 

300 delegates from Indigenous communities across Canada participated in the two day event which featured key note speakers Dr. David Suzuki and Dr. Wade Davis, 16 breakout sessions, 6 Plenary presentations and 2 panel discussions.

From program development and logistics, to branding, décor, communications and cultural performances, our team exceeded the expectations of stakeholders and delivered an exciting and engaging experience for participants.

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