March 2019
Services Requested:

Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council organized, facilitated, and engaged participants to attend the Green Economy Conference. Keynote speakers included Dr. David Suzuki, of the Suzuki Foundation, and Dr. Wade Davis, Canadian anthropologist, and ethnobotanist.

Event Objectives: 

The goal of the conference was to bring together First Nations, Federal and Provincial Government representatives, and knowledgeable green industry leaders to build capacity, discuss climate change initiatives, and explore practical Indigenous opportunities in alternative energy and green economics.

Project Requirements:

The Indigenous Green Economy Conference facilitated the sharing of knowledge and new technologies, and empowered First Nations to confidently pursue viable opportunities in the emerging green marketplace, with a focus on nation building and economic development.

Project Deliverables:

 The main tasks incldued:

  • Complete turnkey solutions, from preparing a budget to program development, securing speakers, fund raising, promotion, sourcing and securing venue, logistics, audio-visual, travel bookings, communciations, and cultural presentaitons.

  • Implementation of a work plan according to budget and funding requrimerents, involving specialists, team members, contractors and volunteers.  

  • Meeting regularly with funders to review our progress, provide communications and  regular updates on registrations.

  • Tradeshow development and orgnization

  • Onsite logisitcs, including organzing volunteers, green room management, and liasing with guest services.

  • Branding including a distinctive word mark, invitaitons, website,  communications materials, printed program, signage, and post event communications. 

  • Produce a complete final report for funders providing a high-level summary of the event and recommendations for future events.



Indigenous Green Economy Conference