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2020 Virtual Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) Workshop


Date of Event:

October 19 – 23, 2020

Type of Event:


Event Description:

The 2020 BC Region CCP Workshop was the first-ever virtual CCP Workshop, due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. Given the virtual format, this year the workshop was co-hosted by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and the CCP Mentorship Initiative. The aim was to honour the long histories of and current innovations in community planning across First Nations in BC, while taking advantage of the virtual format to bring some out-of-province perspectives as well.

Project Scope:

In addition to managing logistical and technical aspects of the event, Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council's scope of work included the engagement of facilitators, partners, and project managers with an extensive background in Comprehensive Community Planning.

This year’s workshop followed the success of previous workshops, and was focused around participatory
facilitation, hands-on learning opportunities, networking, and community storytelling as the main
formats of the workshop. The workshop focused on First Nation to First Nation learning, which allowed
communities to share and learn from one another using personal stories and experiences with CCP.

Project Outcomes: 

There was a total of 217 registrants, including participants from 104 different First Nations representatives from 11 planning support organizations, 21 government staff, 11 volunteers, and 4 closed captioning staff.

The virtual workshop included two pre-workshop sessions, followed by three half-day morning sessions. The timing of the sessions facilitated out-of-province participation. There were also two optional evening drop-in social sessions; sharing of First Nation community CCP stories; full-group plenary sessions; a Nation-based/regional team-building session to facilitate networking; and fifteen breakout sessions on different topics led by CCP mentors and other community specialists

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