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Consultations in Respect of Implementing the Indigenous Languages Act


Canadian Heritage

Date of Event:

September 2020 - January 2021

Type of Event:


Event Description:

Pursuant to the Indigenous Languages Act, the Minister of Canadian Heritage must consult with a variety of Indigenous governments, other Indigenous governing bodies and a variety of Indigenous organizations. The purpose was to obtain meaningful Indigenous input for the implementation of Canada's Indigenous Languages Act that became law June 21, 2019.

Project Scope:

NmTC provided facilitation, logistical and operational support to ensure successful national consultations with respect to the implementation of the Indigenous Languages Act. Tasks, activities and deliverables included invitations and scheduling, facilitation, audio recordings, technical and logistical support, summary reports after each consultation session and a final report.

Project Outcomes: 

27 virtual consultations took place. The project was a success. It provided ongoing input to the Federal Government throughout the process; allowed for meaningful, informed and well thought-out oral and written input by the Indigenous participants; and concluded with a professional and useful final report to assist in implementing the Indigenous Languages Act, which includes the establishment of an Indigenous Languages National Office.
These consultation sessions helped the Minister of Canadian Heritage make recommendations to the Governor in Council for the appointment of a Commissioner and up to three Directors. Feedback from these sessions also informed the development of the Indigenous Languages Funding Model.

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