March 28th - 29th, 2017
Vancouver, BC

The Promising Practices Conference is an initiative of the First Nations Children and Families Tripartite Working Group (First Nations Leadership Council, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, and Province of British Columbia). Representatives from First Nations in BC, Delegated Aboriginal Agencies, Ministry of Children and Family Development, and frontline service providers are invited to attend and share innovative ideas about improving outcomes for Indigenous children and families in their communities.

Who Should Attend?

Those who provide frontline services to First Nations children and families, with representation from First Nations communities, Delegated Aboriginal Agencies, and Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) employees are recommended to attend.   Examples of frontline service providers may include (but are not limited to): mental health services, family support workers, youth workers, social workers, and cultural workers.

Conference Objectives:
  1. Provide a space for frontline service providers from First Nations, Delegated Aboriginal Agencies and MCFD to share local promising practices.

  2. Gather information to help inform future work and practices of the Ministry of Children and Family Development, as well as the First Nations Children and Families Tripartite Working Group.

  3. Find creative, innovative ways to improve outcomes for First Nations children and families.

  4. Serve as a networking opportunity for those who work with First Nations children and families and increase communication amongst each other.

First Nations are asked to appoint one delegate per nation who will be eligible for travel support. 

An Agenda will be sent out in the near future


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