Enhancing Indigenous Partnerships for Oceans Protection in the South Coast

A Joint Federal-Indigenous workshop to enhance partnerships, knowledge bases and management approaches for marine safety and stewardship efforts associated with the Oceans Protection Plan.

On behalf of the Joint Indigenous/Federal  Planning Group, a sincere thank you to everyone who attended the Oceans Protection Plan Workshop, May 8-9 in Nanaimo, BC and participated in the development of recommendations to improve Indigenous participation in the Oceans Protection Plan.  We would like to acknowledge all those who stepped forward to offer their insights and guidance.


We wish to continue to build on the dialogue from the Workshop.  Here are the specific, short-term next steps, as agreed to at the session:


  1. Prepare and distribute a workshop report aiming for mid-June;

  2. Deepen the "Initiatives at a Glance" handout to include more details and key contacts; and

  3. Convene a Joint Technical Working Group to explore both the concept of a South Coast Oceans Protection Plan Secretariat and how to make future sessions better together.  Please email Lorraine at Lorraine.gill@tc.gc.ca if you are interested.


Again, thank you very much for your on-going participation in the Oceans Protection Plan.


Warm regards,



Lorraine Gill

Oceans Protection Plan

This session was the second round of South Coast BC Indigenous Engagement Workshops for the Government of Canada’s Oceans Protection Plan.

The Oceans Protection Plan has four main priority areas:

  • Increasing our capacity to prevent and improve responses to marine incidents;

  • Preserving and restoring marine ecosystems and habitats;

  • Strengthening partnerships with Indigenous and coastal communities; and,

  • Ensuring Canada’s marine safety system is built on a stronger evidence base, supported by science and local knowledge.

More information on Oceans Protection Plan is posted on https://letstalktransportation.ca/OPP.

This workshop built upon the discussions and feedback received at the first Oceans Protection Plan (OPP) workshops held last fall 2017.  That workshop report is available at http://www.fnfisheriescouncil.ca/communications-2/communications/

A joint planning group composed of federal and Indigenous participants was established to help plan the workshop. Funding was available to support two (2) attendees from each participating First Nation or Indigenous Organization. 


Enhancing Indigenous Partnerships for Ocean Protection on The South Coast Workshop Report 


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