Land Use Planning Phase IV

Module # 1: September 26-28th, Kamloops, BC 
Module # 2: November 14-16th, Parksville, BC 
Module # 3: January 16-18th, Penticton, BC 
Module # 4: February 27th -March 1st, Vancouver, BC 

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) is pleased to announce that it will offer a ‘Phase 4’ LUP Training series based on positive feedback from over 132 participants representing 91 First Nations.


We are targeting 20 individuals from First Nations who are about to begin their LUP process, or are in the early stage of carrying out a LUP process to complete a LUP plan. Participants need to commit to all four modules, as they build on each other and are supportive of carrying out a complete LUP cycle.

The following four Learning Modules are being offered:


  • Legal environment of land use planning and launching a land code;

  • Community engagement, communication and facilitation (Phase 1);

  • Community engagement, communication and facilitation (Phase 2); and

  • Information management, data gathering, analysis and planning documentation


These four Learning Modules will be delivered once each, in four different locations from September to March 2018


The 2.5 day training workshops will use a combination of presentations, visuals, local examples, case studies and practical exercises.

Participants will learn a variety of planning methods and tools, engage in practice exercises, and present learning and stories to one another.The training will provide an opportunity to not only learn content, but to apply content from the participants’ own community LUP or land code processes and learn from others.

Learning Outcomes

The four Learning Modules will result in the following anticipated outcomes for participants:


1. Increase understanding of land use governance, planning and community engagement;
2. Deepen learning, skills, confidence and abilities specific to design and deliver a LUP process;
3. Promote Nation to Nation learning;
4. Create LUP mentors; and
5. Develop a LUP practitioner network.

Who should attend?

We would like to invite communities who are about to launch a LUP process, or who in the early stages of carrying out a land use planning process.  One (1) representative from your community is invited to attend, and each Learning Module will be limited to 20 participants. In order for this training program to be a success, your community must be prepared to commit to sending your representative to all four (4) Learning Modules that are planned for 2017/18.


Please note that participants are expected to attend each 2.5 day session and cell phone use will only be permitted during breaks to minimize disturbance and maximize learning potential.



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