Fort St. John Sustainable Infrastructure for BC First Nations Workshop

October 7th - 8th, 2015

To succeed at asset management, First Nations, like all other communities across the province, will need to be committed to building their internal asset management capacities.  Asset management is an everyday, ongoing process which ultimately must be owned and implemented by the community.  A recent study of the state of asset management in BC First Nations communities identified key capacity gaps in terms of the following core capacities associated with asset management: Awareness and Priorities; Organizational Systems, People, Information, and Financing.


Over the past three years, approximately 50 communities across the BC Region have participated in interactive workshops regarding asset management.  Participants have been extremely pleased with these workshops expressing this as an opportunity to share thoughts across communities and disciplines, to talk within community teams about local assets, and to learn about practical tools.  Recognizing the limited funds available for future capital and operations and maintenance needs, these workshops highlighted approaches for maximizing the use of available funds.


Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) BC Region wishes to provide First Nation communities with the tools and knowledge they require to be effective stewards of their infrastructure/building assets.  It is envisaged that facilitated workshops with representatives from Finance, Engineering, Public Works, and Council would provide for a good starting point for gaining an understanding of the many issues surrounding asset management in First Nation communities.  Two key objectives of these workshops will be: 1) to facilitate capacity building with a focus on closing the gaps in the five core capacities for asset management; and 2) to gain feedback on how AANDC can better support asset management in First Nation communities.


Urban Systems Ltd. will facilitate this workshop in partnership with AANDC.


Workshop Objectives

This workshop will allow participants to:


  • understand the value of sustainable infrastructure management as it relates to quality of life and the future of the community,

  • become aware of the foundational concepts of asset management as outlined in the asset management roadmap,

  • understand the realities of funding and other potential challenges to sustainable infrastructure management and know the first steps in addressing them,

  • understand the information provided in the ACRS reports that they will be receiving and will learn how to interpret the report and understand what actions they are responsible for taking,

  • understand their role in asset management,

  • assess their community’s readiness for asset management, and identify two next steps for their community toward implementation, and

  • continue to learn about the perceptions of sustainable infrastructure management and the challenges that First Nations face.


Workshop Schedule

Day 1 (8:30am - 4:00pm)


Breakfast available at 8am, Lunch will be served as well


· Introductions and Welcoming from Host Band

· Module 1a – Context and Overview

· Module 1b – Basic Concepts and Terminology

· Module 2 – Inventory

· Module 3 – Asset Valuation

· Module 4 – Project Prioritization


Day 2 (8:30am - 4:00pm)


Breakfast available at 8am, Lunch will be served as well


· Module 5 – Maintenance Management

· Module 6 – New Assets and Services

· Module 7 – Long Term Capital Planning and Funding

· Module 8 – Building Community Awareness

· Workshop Wrap-up

Location: The Pomeroy Hotel

                  Room TBD

                  11308 Alaska Road, Fort St. John, BC

                  Telephone:  (250) 262-3233

Who Should Attend

Up to three (3) representatives from your community are invited to attend, and we encourage each community to send a team from across disciplines/departments. This workshop will be directly relevant to Administrators, Engineering, Public Works, and Finance professionals as well as Band Council Members. This workshop may also be of interest to a youth representative in your community who could help raise community awareness about sustainable infrastructure management.


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