First Nations Water Act Review and O&M Policy Review Regional Feedback Session 

May 15 – 17, 2019
Workshop Overview

The Assembly of First Nations will be carrying out regionally led engagement sessions for the purposes of Engagement on a new Water Legislative Framework for First Nations and Operations and Maintenance Policy Reform. On behalf of the The Assembly of First Nations and The First Nations Housing and Infrastructure Council, please accept this email as registration for the First Nation Water Act Review and O& M Policy Review Regional Feedback Session taking place May 15th – 17th, 2019.




Wednesday May 15th – Friday May 17th, 2019


Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel

7551 Westminster Hwy, Richmond BC




Please confirm your attendance by using the following link to register: Hotel booking information will be provided in your confirmation email once you register.

Travel Insurance:

  • Travel for up to 1 representative per community will be reimbursed following the workshop.  Communities can send 1 additional representative (total of 2), however the 2nd participant will not be eligible to claim travel expenses.

  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided on each of the 3 days of meetings. Dinners are on own and claimable on the travel expense form which will be distributed in the coming weeks for submission within 30 days following the meeting.

Event Details:

  • What is the review for?  HIC is organizing this review on behalf of national AFN.  The purpose is for AFN to gather input from FNS to inform the development of a proposed FNs Safe Drinking Water Act and to provide FNs input into ISC’s O&M Policy review.  Input on the FNs Safe Drinking Water Act will be brought to the chiefs during AFN”s assembly in July.  Input into the O&M policy review will be compiled and submitted to ISC from AFN on behalf of FNs communities.

  • Why is the review happening?  AFN has been directed by the chiefs to develop a FNs Safe Drinking Water Act to table with Canada as a starting point for discussion to address FNs water issues across the country.  ISC is doing a review of its O&M policy and AFN is reaching out to FNs across the country to provide one stream of input into this review.  ISC may use other means to reach out to FNS.

  • Who from the community is best to attend?  The FNs Safe Drinking Water Act is a political directive from the chiefs and the O&M Policy review is more for capital specialists.  It would be best to send one political and one water/capital specialist.

  • How did this review come about?  Development of the FNs Safe Drinking Water Act was directed by chiefs from across Canada.  Input to the O&M Policy review is being done by AFN under contract with ISC.

  • Whose authority is the water act?  This will be explained in more detail at the forum but it involves setting mandatory standards for FNs drinking water across Canada and supporting communities to properly manage their own water systems.


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