January 2018 – January 2019
Services Requested:

NmTC was engaged by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to organize and host a series of engagements / consultations to develop a Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework.

Event Objectives: 

On February 14, 2018, Prime Minister Trudeau made a statement in the House of Commons announcing the launch of a national engagement process, led by Minister Bennett, on the development of a Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework.

Project Requirements:
  • Lead the Implementation of the Engagement Plan 

  • Event Planning – Planning, Coordination, Organization and Facilitation of Engagement Sessions

  • Report Writing – Draft preliminary “What We Heard” Sub-Reports for each Individual Session – and Draft a preliminary Overall “What We Heard” Report to elaborate on Key Findings and Participation at the Engagement Sessions:

Project Deliverables:
  • Review and prepare a detailed description, budget and  work plan in consultation with DOJ, for services related to advertising,  registrations with a registration system that can be shared regularly with DOJ, hotel services including audio-visual, travel services (i.e., assistance to participants with travel related questions as opposed to  booking travel), communication, cultural presentations,   moderator/facilitator, and conference materials.

  • Implement the work plan according to budget.

  • Meet regularly with DOJ to review our progress on the  services listed above, provide communications and input on presenters and  agenda development and regular updates on registrations, meetings  beginning monthly, then progressing to twice per month and then weekly closer to the event.

  • Negotiate details with the hotel for contractual details, in consultation with DOJ, enter into a contract with the hotel for the event, and action and liaise where necessary between the hotel and catering and DOJ until the event and beyond to complete arrangements.

  • Make arrangements to engage the moderator, facilitators, and any other additional services as necessary for the  event.

Produce a final report within a month of the event reflecting hotel and other key expenses, a high-level summary of the event and recommendations for future events.


300 participants

Minister Bennett’s National External Engagement Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework